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Tutnall Hall Summer Newsletter

Summer Fete...

Our recent Summer Fete did not go quite as planned as the weather was not kind to us. So we had to have it indoors. However, we did not let a few drops of rain dampen our spirits and we raised a profit of £267.00, which will go towards the Residents Fund for activities & entertainment. Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to all who participated on the day. It was lovely to see so many old & new faces.

Building Work...

Our building work is complete and we now have three luxurious new rooms at Tutnall Hall. For anyone who is visiting at our Home, please feel free to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a biscuit. You will find that we are a very friendly bunch, so just make yourself at home.

Help wanted...

We are looking for new ideas and suggestions for activities in our home and we would love to hear from anyone who may know a good singer or can sing themselves & would be happy to entertain us all here on a regular basis.
Our Residents are putting together a scrap book of the Royal Family and are asking for any pictures that you don't need.
We are also doing some research into our home of when it was first built. so we are looking for any old photographs and information regarding Tutnall Hall. If you can help, please speak to Gill, our activities co-ordinater.

Baby boom...

We are happy to announce the safe arrival of genevive's second son recently. Congratulations to the proud parents. We wish them all good health and look forward to some cuddles very soon.

The baby stalk is yet to deliver Hayleys baby who is due any day now. We believe it will be a little girl and we wish her all the very best as we look forward to hearing the news of her arrival.

Special Dates for your Diary



Wednesday 1st July                    Church Service            11.30 am

Friday 3rd July                           Gaynor                         11.30 am

Tuesday 7th July                        Carol-Reece Jones       11.30 am

Wednesday 8th July                   Therapy dogs               11.00 am

Tuesday   21st July                     Russell                          11.30 am



Monday 3rd August                   Gaynor                         11.30 am

Wednesday 5th August              Church Service            11.30 am

Wednesday 12th August            Therapy Dogs               11.00 am

To be confirmed                         Russell                           11.30 am



Wednesday 2nd September       Church Service            11.30 am

Monday 7th September              Gaynor                         11.30 am

Wednesday 9th September        Therapy Dogs               11.00 am

To be confirmed                         Russell                           11.30 am


Friends & Family are always welcome to come along and join in our activities & entertainment. Please keep an eye on our notice board on the wall in the Reception area for any up to date news.

We would like to thank everybody for their continuing support throughout the year.












Grosvenor House

Tutnall Hall