Head Office tel: 0121 445 0033
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Grosvenor house: 0121 447 7878
Tutnall Hall: 01527 875 854

Our Staff

Spring View Care invest heavily in training, motivation and personal development of their staff, who deliver the highest standard of care to all residents ensuring that they are supported through the core values of care which include:

  • Privacy and Respect
  • Dignity at all times
  • The promotion of independence
  • Choice where possible in care options and daily life
  • Residents rights and fulfillment of life

Please meet some of our Staff


Care Home Manager at Grosvenor House Tutnall Hall: Mercy Johnson

Mercy has been a nurse for 24 years, 11 years’ experience in Elderly care and working as Registered Manager for last 7 years. Mercy dislikes chocolates and likes Sports and spending time with the family.


Deputy Manager Grosvenor House: Jensy Paul

Jensy has been a nurse for over 15 years. In the summer she likes to spend time in her garden. Jensy dislikes Pork and she likes Flowers.

Deputy Manager at Tutnall Hall: Sherly Paulson

Sherly has worked at Tutnall Hall over nine years. She has been a Nurse for over twelve years. Sherly likes all kinds of roses and she dislikes alcohol drinks.

Administrator at Grosvenor House: Sharon Batty

Sharon has worked as an administrator in care for four years. She dislikes curry and likes sewing.

Administrator at Tutnall Hall: Wendy Mulholland

Wendy has worked as an administrator in care for six years. Her favorite animals are dogs and really dislikes wasps in the summertime.

Activities Co-ordinator at Grosvenor House: Zoe Hughes

Zoe has worked at Grosvenor house for ten years doing Care and Activities. She dislikes Spiders and likes cream teas.

Activities Co-ordinator at Tutnall Hall: Gillian Squance

Gill has worked at Tutnall Hall for over seven years doing Activities. She likes the smell of fresh flowers. She dislikes chocolate and wine.

Chef at Grosvenor House: Stephen Hunt                           

Steve has been working at Grosvenor house for over ten years. His cakes are famous amongst the families and residents (mmmm very tasty). He dislikes Dancing and he likes Cars.

Chef at Tutnall Hall: Maria Warman                             

Maria worked as a Care Assistant at Tutnall Hall before become Chef two years ago. Maria likes to learn new skills. She dislikes prawns, salmon & tea.

Handyman at Grosvenor House: Peter Elliot

Peter has been working at Grosvenor for eight years as our Handyman. He dislikes Avocado’s and likes Fly fishing.

Handy Man at Grosvenor House and Tutnall Hall: Baiju Kuttuppan

Baiju hasn’t been working long at both Grosvenor and Tutnall but loves working at both places and even covers Chef duties as he has a passion for food. He dislikes dogs and likes dancing




Grosvenor House

Tutnall Hall